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Rainbow Glow

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"Cosmic Cowboys"
by Sandra H. Rodman

Characters & Acts/Setting
Thurber Blogs...


Rainbow Glow

The Characters

*THURBER MILLS* --  Act I: Age 11, then 12.  A beautiful, young prairie poet; a would-be cowboy with starry eyes, learning how to love.  Acts II-IV: Age 28.  Act V: Glorious.  Medium height, beautiful eyes, a sensitive star-crossed face. See right column for Thurber Mills' Blogs...

*HITCHCOCK HUDDLESON* (The Cosmic Cowboy) -- Thurber’s imaginary "out of this world" playmate…  Acts I-V: Appears as Thurber’s age.  A stunningly beautiful cowboy, overwhelmingly tall and otherworldly.  His eyes and teeth gleam with light beams every time he smiles... His voice is mesmerizing.

*HONEY JO WALLER* -- Act I: Age 11.  Acts II-V: Age 28.  Voluptuous and saucy.  Bouncy hair, generously ample, curving body.  The perfect size 10 curvacious “beauty queen” of the 60’s and early 70’s.  Gold is her signature color – alchemical gold…  Thurber’s true love.

*ARTIE BROWNING*  -- Act II-V: Age 28.  6’2” and more.  Tall and sexy with sparkling curly hair, gleaming teeth, and his own band, “Starbusters.”  Resembles and sings like his idol Art Garfunkel in the early 70's. Bears an otherworldly resemblance to the cosmic Hitchcock Huddleston. (Background for "Artie" Browning's idol, Art Garfunkel in the late 60's, early 70's, see For Emily - 1968 and artgarfunkel.com historic gallery.

*CAROLINE MELODY MILLS* -- Acts II-V: Age 26.  Thurber’s sister.  Six food one, thin, beautiful large dark eyes; doesn’t know her own beauty, can’t help her bitterness.  Being tall is part of her plot. 

*CINDY LOU*                --------------  Classmates of Honey
*STELLA NELL* ------------------------Jo and Thurber

*BILLY BOB*                --------------  Members of Artie’s *JIMMY D* -------------------- --- --- -Band

*COSMIC COWGIRLS CHORUS* --  A line of gorgeous otherworldly cowgirls, with sparkling cowgirl outfits and tap dancing boots...

*COSMIC COWBOYS CHORUS* --  Otherworldly cowboys who sing on high.

Set Note: The Rainbow, the Cactus, flowers, and other elements of nature and the prairie, which are to "come alive" during the play, can also be played by costumed actors… :)

Character Note:  Hitchcock, Artie, and Caroline are described as quite tall.  This is part of the plot and should be faithfully represented. Honey Jo is described as quite curvaceous as would have been depicted in the 60's and 70's...the perfect size 10. This is also part of the plot and should be faithfully represented...

Rainbow Glow

The Acts & Setting

The action of the play takes place in Hallelujah, Texas. Act I is
set in the 1950's and Act II-IV in the early 1970's.


The play should begin with Credits and the announcement:  “Starring…” – like a movie or TV show, with the names and pictures of the “Stars.”  These may be posters, photos, slides, video – as you wish.

The 1950’s

Scene 1.  “Eleven”                    On the Way Home-from School
Scene 2.  “Eclipse”              -    The Corral 

Early 1970's

Scene 1.  “Disneyland”              The Episcopal Recreation Hall       
Scene 2.  “Imagine Me”            -The Episcopal Recreation Hall      

Later the Same Evening

Scene 1. “Dreaming”       --       The Mills Home
Scene 2. “Running”                   Honey Jo Waller’s Front Porch
Scene 3.  “Honey, I Love You ”   The Mills Home

Act IV
Later the Same Evening

Scene 1.  “Cowboy High”           The Corral
Scene 2 - "Town in Time”  ------The Mills Home
Scene 3.  “Falling Star ”   -------The Episcopal Recreation Hall

A Year Later

Scene 1.  “Peace”                      The Episcopal Recreation Hall
Scene 2.  “Always”              --   The Corral




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Young Cowboy with Rope


Thurber Mills is the central protagonist in "Cosmic Cowboys." As the play opens, he's age 11 -- and for the rest of the play he's age 28 and beyond.

It's his love story -- his life as the young, starry-eyed Prairie Poet who wants to be a Cosmic Cowboy and can't tell the girl he loves that he loves her. But he can write her poetry! Whether she likes it or not. People make fun of his crazy poetry. To him, however, it is the universe -- his heart as he knows it...

I was pretty much done with the play, but apparently Thurber wasn't. Here are some of his "outer-space" blogs...

-- S.H. Rodman




"The prairie is only lonesome if you're lonesome."



"I like Stars pretty much. It's when they like YOU that you have to watch out... :). .. "


"Think about it this way. Stars are people too...

Or you could think about it this way. People are Stars, too. That's how Stars see it."


"You look up and see Stars. How would you like it if Stars looked up and saw you? Wouldn't you want to be pretty shiny? All in all it's pretty much the best way to be, if people are going to look up at you all the time..."


"When people won't listen to you, it's because they already heard you, or they didn't. There's only one of those you should worry about, and it's not the second one..."


"I know you think love is hard. But it's not very hard unless you try to talk about it. That's the hard part.

Doin' it is fine. Trying not to do it -- now, boy, that's hard!"

Young Cowgirl with Hat

"I'd say try it once just to see what all the fuss is about. Without holding anything back. It's the holding back that gets you into trouble... Love doesn't like to be held back. It gets rowdy. So if you really wanna fall in love 'til you can't stand yourself, just try reigning that sucker in. You won't know where she ends and you begin... That's the thing isn't it? Where IS that place? I never found it myself..."

Young Cowgirl at Corral

"Love is what you do while you're wondering what to do about this person you just met -- not really sure, but you know you just have to do something. That's how it starts. By the time you think of something to do, L-O-V-E is already done...

"You don't do Love. Love does you... Go figure. "



"Out there, they don't see you coming until your poetry has landed. So get that poetry going..."


"Sometimes I feel like fireworks...  The fireworks run away with me and explode into more pieces than I knew I had.  In the end, all of your pieces are good.  Every one of them.  They make you up like you make them up.  No telling where you left some of them.  They come back this way again. 

That’s why you write poetry.  It helps you collect all your pieces."


"No part of life should be forced on you. Especially not by you..."

(c) 2006-2013, S.H. Rodman. Photo Credits: Top Photo, Global Business People, iStockPhotos.com License #3127471. Photo #2, Rainbow Graphic with Stars (c) S.H. Rodman. Photo #3, Young Cowboy, iStockPhotos.com License #4110021. Photo #4, Beautiful Cowgirl, iStockPhotos.com, License #2483613. Photo #5, Cowgirl on Fence, iStockPhotos.com, License #3703732. Quotes from "Cosmic Cowboys" by S.H. Rodman. Contact Information.


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