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"Cosmic Cowboys"
An allegorical, fantasy, sci-fi musical --
book, lyrics, music by Sandra H. Rodman


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"Cosmic Cowboys" Musical Online!

1. "Cosmic Cowboys" Overview/History (below)

"Cowmic Cowboys" Overview & History -- Love, UFOs, Life after Death, Time Travel, Avatars, Art Garfunkel, Right Brain Development, and Extradimensional Communications...

2. Download PDF of Complete Play and Lyrics, "Cosmic Cowboys"

3. Characters Acts/Setting for "Cosmic Cowboys"

4. Music: MP3 Files & Lyrics of "Cosmic Cowboys"

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Sandra RodmanRainbow GlowYoung Cowgirl at Corral

Cosmic Cowboys" The Musical: An Overview
-- Sandra H. Rodman


"Cosmic Cowboys" is a series of metaphysical love triangles and young love with a magically "alive" prarie and sky which, given advances in science, quantum physics -- and even science fiction -- is much more understandable and exciting than when first written (including an off-Broadway workshop). It explores love and time travel, a multidimensional self, cross-dimensional communication which are common to fantasy-sci-fi in the 2nd millennium. It is a subtle training in a way -- to come to understand the power of opening the heart and expressing love directly -- an art of life somewhat lost in the days of human communication primarily by electronics and much less successful long-term relationships. Its implications and characters cross decades and in some ways are more relevant in their considerations of both Love and Peace than in the decades when these words first became mantras...

"Cosmic Cowboys" is set in a West Texas Prairie and the wildness of imagination, drawn from my life experiences growing up in West Texas as the daughter of an amateur astronomer who did not leave star gazing or music or even science-fiction and physics music out of prairie life. Hallelujah! -- S.H. Rodman

Hallelujah, Texas...

The experiences in Hallelujah, Texas -- especially the Homecoming Dance which featured stars and starry-eyed cowgirls -- came from real and moving parts of my life in the real town of Breckenridge, Texas. Legendary back then for its state-winning football teams, even mentioned in Michener's Texas -- but to me there was that other world -- Rodeo parades led by my Uncle Grady (inspiring the Uncle J.D. character)...and these vistas of vibrant star studded horses, horse women and horse men prancing and sparkling in the sun led me to dream of magical cowboys and cowgirls lighting up a sky of different dreams.

These poetic dreams and visions of our youth -- are every bit as real as political and cultural and economic realities. They shape us, shape our hearts, our lives of love and inspired breaths, in ways we can barely imagine. We walk around carrying them. It is important to find this ULTIMATE STARRY BEAUTY, as the Cosmic Cowboy laments, in every BIT of us -- it may just save our lives...when we least expect it.

UFO's in "Cosmic Cowboys" -- "Star Talk" in Reality...

There are UFO sightings in "Cosmic Cowboys" just like there were back then -- but in the last several years since finishing the play, the increased amount of UFO sightings in the nearby Stephenville-Dublin areas (where I also grew up) and the mainstream media documentaries of these were amazing -- and mirrored the plot of the play!

There are many worlds in our youths; letting these characters speak through me, watching them grow and learn, let quite a number of them live together and find out about each other in peace. Sort of lit up a glittering sky for me that has been with me all my life that nothing has been able to dim... It is not at all accidental, I think, that I completed "Cosmic Cowboys" and the first "Star Talk" advanced consciousness training program in the same year...

An Allegorical Training...

"Cosmic Cowboys" is to be read not just performed. I promise you may see in it the allegorical training in its own right that I experienced. Through characters that I never seemed to write -- they wrote their own stories and still do. They knew themselves and talked plenty. They deepened my understanding and curiosity about allegorical archetypes in the sky -- ancient stars and selves -- rainbows that live and move us as if they were part of us.

Cosmic "Avatars"...

Cosmic Cowboys and Cosmic Cowgirls whose powerful poetry and star dances have been lost in modern cultures where they were mixed up with aggression and violence and oppression -- but in the ancient allegories, these Cosmic Cowboys and Cowgirls, riders in the sky with knowledge of magical horse and cow beings, held different lineage space...in tune with the beautiful portrayals of intuitive partnership between conscious human beings and animal lineages introduced in "Avatar"...

"Cosmic Cowboys" is a kind of "lineage" call to the power of our own personal Beauty and the remarkable Poet in each of us. But ultimately it explores the alchemical power of the words, when finally said with true meaning: "I Love You." And saying it when it most matters to the one it most matters to. And when it is the toughest. And what can happen when we miss that moment.

Time Travel...and Life After Death in a Starry Sky...

"Cosmic Cowboys" also portrays time travel and communication across time and after death, materializing through the deep love of Thurber and Honey Jo...making us think about the state of love after death... It portrays extradimensional communication between the Cosmic Cowboy, Hitchcock, and his best friend, the prairie poet, Thurber...between Hitchcock and Caroline, Thurber's sister...Hitchock and Artie, her true love...making curious a consideration of the role of Jung's archetypes and "collective unconscious" when we consider how we love across generations and lives and histories.

Atomic Consciousness...

It portrays the Rainbow and the Cactus and the Prairie and the Flowers and the Mountains and the Stars as living atomic consciousness...raising the need to create a metaphysical setting in which life is everywhere -- and encouraging us not to miss a pixel!



The Peace Symbol and the Rainbow Symbol are both prominent in "Cosmic Cowboys" and represent its larger adventure. "The Peace Trilogy" of songs/lyrics was written at the same time, and the first song in this series is sung by Artie in "Cosmic Cowboys" as he is coming to find a new part of of himself. "The Peace Trilogy" is included online.

Right Brain Development:

The original play was written in a right brain state in a single evening inspired by 3 minutes of Art Garfunkel singing "I Only Have Eyes for You" on Saturday Night Live in 1979, inspiring the "Artie" character and the spirit of life-long love that sparked the play. Indicating the power of right brain practice! Most of the individual songs-music (always written at the same time) were also written in a right brain state in a single sitting.

In Right Brain Express, the "CEO Q&A" script-writing exercise is outstanding to develop hidden intuitive script writing skills which can vastly open creative and intuitive impulses in a slightly different way than mental focus/meditation or intuition exercises.

Enjoy the ride. "Cosmic Cowboys" -- its images and message stretched out over decades in my life, inspired some of my greatest personal learning and unexpected opening of the heart...

-- Sandra Rodman

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Young Cowgirl at Corral

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Agent -- Contact regarding production information:

Ronald Hufham, Artistic Director, The Mirror Theater
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Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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