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Sandra Rodman
Sandra H. Rodman

Musicals & Music

Allegorial, fantasy, sci-fi sceenplays and musicals -- book, lyrics, music by S.H. Rodman /
Sandra Hudlow Rodman

Rainbow Glow

"Cosmic Cowboys" The Musical by S.H. Rodman

An allegorical, fantasy, sci-fi musical -- book, lyrics, music by Sandra H. Rodman -- all available Online! Love on the prairie, time travel, Cosmic Cowboys and Cowgirls. Original version performed in off-Broadway workshop at St. Clements Theater, NYC, 1979.

Parallel Universe

"Parallel Universe" The Musical by S.H. Rodman
"The Dance of Life
Special Ballads and Other Music

A Two Part Science Fiction Musical of Transformation -- book, lyrics, music by Sandra H. Rodman

Close Encounters of the Heart...Love Across the Dimensions... Songs for Soulmates... Mind Meld Music...

Peace Symbol

"The Peace Trilogy" Songs

A Trilogy of peace songs -- the first appearing in "Cosmic Cowboys." Lyrics and music online.


Just Ballads

All the Ballads from the musicals by Sandra Hudlow Rodman/Sandra Ann Hudlow -- and more music...


Additional Plays

As S.H. Rodman/Sandra Hudlow Rodman/Sandra Ann Hudlow:

"The Packard" V1 - award winning one act (#4 nationally) in 1967-8 Samuel French College Competition

"The Mullions" - selected for production by Univ. of Texas for director's thesis program selection

"The Fall of the Feather Clowns," scenes from one act performed Univ. of Texas acting demonstration lab


Musical Performance

Production Information

Agent -- Contact regarding production information:

Ronald Hufham, Artistic Director, The Mirror Theater
208 | 882 | 1394 - or E-mail Ron Hufham

Former Managing Director,
Potter's Field Theater
Company, NYC

Playwright/composer - Contact regarding local script readings and music.

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
425 | 214 | 2926 - or Email Sandra Rodman

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